VA Loans Are Still a Very Good Option for Military Service Members

Benefits for Nation's Heroes
VA loans offer no down payment, competitive interest rates, easier credit standards, and easier loan qualification guidelines. Other loans may be harder to get due to an applicant's frequent moves, but this is not a problem with VA loans.   Interest rates may be .05 to 1% lower than a conventional loan.

These loans are offered to current or former service members who have served for a certain period of time and can obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

Service members may also obtain USDA loans (not common in metropolitan areas), FHA loans and other conventional loans.  But often the advantages to a VA loan, for those who qualify, are so good they can't pass it up.

VA loans are used both on new purchases and refinances. There is no private mortgage insurance (PMI) found on other loans with low/zero down payment, which saves money from the beginning.

The Department of Veterans Affairs guaranteed 630,000 loans in 2013, an all time high.  To find a qualified VA lender, please contact me, or go to a company such as Veterans United Home Loans.  Not all lenders are well-versed in VA loans, so it pays to get a personal referral to someone in your area.  Please feel free to contact me.

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