Long Beach Market Prices for Houses and Condos Feb. 2017

Long Beach prices Feb. 2017
The average sales price for a house in Long Beach in February was $672,000 (an increase of 7% over same time last year); the average price for a condo was $413,000 (an increase of 8% over same time last year.)

What is going to happen to interest rates?  For a while they were predicted to go up to 5% this year, but today (Friday), they are 4% or 4.125% depending on the loan level for conventional loans, and 3.75% or less depending on loan level for FHA/VA loans.  What will happen in the future depends on a lot things that are currently going on in Washington DC, and predicting the future is not a sure thing.

One of the biggest problems is still lack of inventory, as one can see on this report, it's gone down from last year (it can't get much lower, by the way), and it's not just the case in this city, this is across the board.  This has made the market get much more competitive (who thought it could get worse?), and the days on market figures are showing that, less time on market means the properties are getting snapped up faster and there are multiple offers.  The chart shows average figures, they vary greatly according to price range and location.  A $450,000 house in excellent showing condition will not last, but the $1,000,000+ range offers more selection and more time: there are 75 active listings in CRMLS in Long Beach over one million, and days on market is also 75.  Apparently, in Arcadia, per a conversation with a fellow Realtor this morning from that area, it's the $5,000,000 properties that are hot and moving fast.  Every market is different.

Lakewood: Average SFR selling price - $546,000; Condo $401,000.
Cerritos:  Average SFR selling price -  $743,000; Condo $335,000.
Huntington Beach: Average SFR price - $906,000; condo $510,000.

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