New Credit Reporting Policy Change May Affect Many Consumers Positively

Equifax, TransUnion and Experience will, as of July 1, 2017, require tax lien and civil judgment data to contain three of four information requirements in order for that information to be included in an individual's credit report.  The consumer's name, address, and either a social security number or a date of birth must be included, and current data not reflecting that information will soon be removed from credit reports.  According to Mortgage News Daily, many liens and most judgments don't currently include that information, and their removal, although sparking a controversy, will probably be viewed as happy news by many consumers.  Already, other types of negative data have been addressed in settlements of lawsuits:
It appears that the changes announced by the credit reporting companies are at least partially in response to a recent report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 
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The Wall Street Journal reports that settlements of lawsuits brought by various states have already pushed the credit reporting companies to remove some categories of negative data from reports such as information related to library fines and gym memberships, and required changes to the timing of medical collections information.

The net effect is that many consumers will have an increase in their FICO score, perhaps an upward boost of about 20 points.

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