Proposed Density Changes to East Long Beach, More Traffic, Less Choice. What?!!?

What is Your Vision for Long Beach?
Read below the post concerning plans developed by Amy Bodek, Long Beach Developmental Services Director, and her staff, prior to any public discussion, and affecting many many locations in the 4th and 5th Council districts in which retail would disappear and population density and traffic would greatly increase. Perhaps this is an attempt by the City staff to singlehandedly address a national housing crunch in the belief that no one around here is going to church anymore or shopping at stores, at the expense of local Long Beach neighborhoods. However, after a scheduled hearing on August 17 with the Planning Commission at which Ms. Bodek praised "invisible government" as a good government, the Mayor's office released a statement on August 18 supporting neighborhood review at public hearings (the way we used to do things) as follows--
Future citywide workshops:
· Saturday, September 30, 3-5 PM at Veterans Park Community Center
· Wednesday, October 4, 6-8 PM at Whaley Park Community Center
· Saturday, October 14, 11-1 PM at Best Western Golden Sails Hotel
· Wednesday, October 18, 6-8 PM at Expo Center in Bixby Knolls
Read on: 
FUTURE VISION for East Long Beach: NO churches, NO retail, NO parking, hundreds more residents under the flight path.When faced with growing opposition to the LUE Plan [Long Beach Land Use Element]- the Bodek bureaucrats re-did their LUE maps to spread the density into the planned and balanced East Long Beach's 5th and 4th Districts.

In the Planning Commission presentation,  Bodek's staff looked to the church properties and called them underused. In the 4th District those underused houses of worship on the LUE map slated for high density housing include:
· Unitarian Church property on Atherton next to the small Botoun Creek Park: rezoned for 5 story condos or apartments.
· Bethany Church property on Clark next to single family residence- rezoned for 3 story apartments or condos
· First Church of the Nazarene on Clark next to single family residence- rezoned for 3 story apartments or condos
The church leadership contacted by LB4D had no idea about the LUE future plans for their properties.
In the Planning Commission presentation, Bodek's staff version of the future of East Long Beach retail would be on the bottom of five to six story residential buildings. The staff described the retailers on the bottom doing most of their business on-line- but giving "discounts" to the neighbors in the buildings above them.
Under the Los Altos Center plan, Bodek would leave a legacy to the City Council's of the future by putting hundreds of new residents in five story apartment houses directly under the flight path that goes over Los Altos Center South with jets flying literally just above their buildings.
4th District legacy properties are also targeted by the new maps. The Long Beach Playhouse property is on the Anaheim Corridor slated for 5 story residences. The architecturally significant Los Altos Medical Center, designed by architect Gordon Powers is slated for a 5 story residential re-zoning.
This is what Bodek's team has planned for East Long Beach retail redo:
4th District
· Los Altos Center North (Trader Joe's area) and South (L.A. Fitness/Lazy Acres): multiple five story condos or apartments
· Los Altos Center South (Hoff's Hut): multiple four story apartments/condos
· The Circle Center retail, Circle Porsche and Audi properties: 5 story apartments/condos
5th District
· Los Altos Gateway center (Kmart/Lowes): multiple five story apartment/condos
· Spring/Palo Verde retail centers : multiple 3 and 4 story buildings
· Town Center: Multiple six story condos and apartments.
The 4th District also gets increased density in its apartment communities. The well kept up and maintained Beverly Plaza-home to a CSULB mini-city- with multiple students living in two bedroom apartments in two story buildings is envisioned in the Bodek plan as SIX story apartment buildings-with the current parking situation.
The six story plan would continue to the apartments just north on PCH and the Traffic Circle."

See the original Long Beach 4th District Blog post on events at the August 17 Planning Commission meeting.  And thanks to the Facebook post by concerned citizen Michele Klein

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