Average Selling Prices in Long Beach, Cerritos, Lakewood, and Local Counties, October 2017

Prices are varying according to area, and here's what they look like locally.
For a single family detached home, the average prices for the cities and counties below range from $364,271 to $1,052,322.

Overall the Los Angeles County average price for single family home is $903,618, a decrease from the previous month of $925,566, and even lower from July 2017.

All these prices are for the month of October, 2017, based on data from CRMLS.

Long Beach saw an average price decrease, and Orange County is still up slightly from July 2017, while Los Angeles County as a whole is still decreased from the high of $955,973 in July.  San Bernardino County's averages in September and October are now over $360,000, the highest point in the last 5 years.

October 2017
Long Beach
$646,002 | +5.3%
$558,111 | +1.8%
$795,732 | +17.9%
Los Angeles County
$903,618 | +3.9%
San Bernardino County
$364,271 | +6.9%
Orange County
1,052,322 | +9.6%

These statistics show a mix of pricing, with Long Beach/Lakewood and Cerritos having less than 43 days on the market on average, approximately 2 months inventory, and closing prices continuing within 1%-2% of original price.

Keeping an eye on things
For an online and automated home valuation, try my site at http://www.juliahuntsman.com/home-evaluation.  It probably works more accurately for single family homes than condos in some areas, depending on what properties lie within about a one-mile radius.  Try it!  And I am always happy to do a more customized report to send out via e-mail.  If you're thinking about making a move, do it! It pays to keep an eye on things.

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