Time to Update Your Home Appliances for Water Conservation

Jan. 1 2019 deadline
Do you live in a condo, or own a multi-family property built before 1994? Or are you improving or remodeling a property?  It's now time to make changes as of January 1, 2019.

Beginning in 2017, all single family homes were required in California to install water conserving plumbing fixtures, i.e., most commonly faucets, showerheads and toilets.

And what exactly are the requirements? SB407 puts it this way, so look for toilets (really, they've been on the market for a long time now) that are not more than 1.6 gpf, and so on:

“Noncompliant plumbing fixture” means any of the following:
(1) Any toilet manufactured to use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.
(2) Any urinal manufactured to use more than one gallon of water per flush.
(3) Any showerhead manufactured to have a flow capacity of more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute.
(4) Any interior faucet that emits more than 2.2 gallons of water per minute."

Here is the link to the law on plumbing fixtures replacement as passed in 2009 which set the deadlines and requirements for California properties:  SB 407

But what if you sell your condo or house and you haven't complied with the law yet? Just be aware that the seller must disclose to the best of his/her knowledge if such fixtures have or have not been installed.  The lack of such fixtures is not a condition of sale according to the law, but you will still be in violation of the law, and the buyer may really wish for the seller to take care of this before the close of escrow, it all  depends.

But considering years of water drought, and the necessity of cutting back on water usage throughout the state, it's really best to comply with the law--everyone has been given 10 years!!

Also, cities may have stricter standards than what the state requires, so check your local municipality, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, which do have point of sale requirements.

At this point I'm not aware that Long Beach has more stringent requirements than the state.  The City is, however, offering a rebate if you give up your 1.6 gpf toilet and get a .8 gpf toilet http://www.lbwater.org/Rebates -- see a list to download on approved fixtures.  More information on the City's water program is currently on their website: http://www.lbwater.org/Residential%20Conservation

 See prior post:  2017 post on low-flow toilets

Lastly, for more complete information, I will be happy to share a complete up-to-date posting from California Association of Attorneys legal section about this law, to clarify any questions about how to negotiate with your buyer on this subject, and more.  Just call or email me with your specific question and contact information. If it turns out I think you're a non-California property owner in China, I'm probably not going to respond.☺

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