Los Angeles Median Price Still Going Up

Sales are down 20% for six Southern California counties combined, but the median price for Los Angeles County was $528,000 in February (per Dataquick Information Systems), an increase of 7.8% from February 2006.

"Basically, the economy in L.A. County is much stronger than anyone imagines. You have that driving the bus," said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.

The oft-predicted population growth factor was cited by Kyser as one feature of the current Los Angeles housing market, a factor which does and will likely continue the demand for housing now and and in the future, and is a driving force behind condo conversions and loft developments in commercial areas of local cities.

Sales volume fared a little better than other areas--in Los Angeles County, the sales volume was 11.1% below that of February 2006. See the Orange County Register's article on home prices hitting a new record.

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