Median Home Price in Long Beach

Dataquick's city by city chart tells us the January, 2007 median. For Long Beach it's the combination of condos and single family homes (remember, condos usually sell less than houses overall and may sell at greater numbers) which in January sold 8.41% higher than January 2006 at $490,000. Then scroll further down the chart
and find Long Beach zip code 90810--that section next to Wilmington--included under Southwest Los Angeles to see the incredible rise in price there since 2006--over 15% to the current median price of $462,000.

It's important to understand that prices vary widely by area--to check areas within Long Beach by zip code, go here. Some examples:

Naples, Belmont Shore, Bluff Park, Belmont Heights = 90803.
Belmont Heights, Alamitos Heights = 90814
California Heights area = 90806
Wrigley = 90806
Westside = 90810
Downtown, Alamitos Beach, West of Belmont Heights = 90802
North Long Beach areas = 90807

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