Buyers: There's No Time Like Right Now

Real estate supply and demand goes in cycles, it always has. Sales are down, inventory is up past the 6 month level, but what else is happening? Interest rates are creeping up, and there are no predictions for any decreases by the Federal Reserve on the horizon. Don't be one of those people who, two years after the fact, comes back and wants something from today's market that's not around any more, i.e., more inventory to choose from, lower rates, or even a lower price. Did you know that so far this year, the median home price in Los Angeles County is higher than last year? In fact, it is in the top 10 areas of median price increases in the state. If you want more information about loans or real estate, contact me by phone or e-mail. See my site at www.juliahuntsman.com for more information or a property search that is updated throughout the day.

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