Long Beach Ebell: Gone to Lofts, Every One

Long Beach Ebell ClubLong Beach Heritage Museum photo
This conversion took place with the theatre portion of the Ebell Club on 3rd Street. It's namesake in Los Angeles is regarded as very important culturally and architecturally. Fortunately, the original theatre part of the building in Long Beach is now preserved in another form, but unfortunately, its reason for being declined with the condition of the building over time. Taking the name from a gentleman in the late 1800's who wished to help women of the era maintain a center of culture important to them, these "clubs" attracted many of the wives of men of local stature and some measure of wealth as their original members, starting a tradition of contribution that carried on for many decades. In Long Beach, this is one of many loft conversions from older buildings which in the past would have disappeared. All the original converted units are now sold out and interested buyers must wait for resales. Close to downtown and on a major bus line, it's also in a residential neighborhood and about 3 blocks from the ocean. What more can you ask for in a loft?

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