CalSTRS Loans Allow for 3% Down Payment

Sacramento headquarters

These are great loans for employees of the California public school districts or California community colleges--and, being a first-time buyer is not a requirement. This program is for any employee, and is not restricted to teachers only.

The 80/17/3 program means the buyer's down payment is 3%, and the 2nd trust deed is the 17%. The interest rates on the 1st and 2nds are the same, and right now they are at 5%. A borrower can take out 50% of what is in their account, and the FICO score requirement on the 3% down is 620.

Buyers, if you belong to STRS, these are great opportunities. Other than FHA and VA loans, there are virtually no other opportunities for low down payment programs. And while currently an FHA loan may be allowed as high as $729,750, the maximum CalSTRS loans go as high as $650,000 which is still very competitive for many Southland and Long Beach areas, and certainly for much of the condominium market.

For a conforming sales price of $521,250, 1st loan amount of $417,000 and 2nd of $88,612, borrower's 3% down payment, the principal and interest at the current 5% interest rate would be $2238.55 (excluding property taxes and insurance, no payment on the second for 5 years).

One year ago the rates were 6% and that same loan amount scenario required a P&I payment of $2538, or $300 more.

For loan amounts over $417,000 up to %650,000, interest rates are currently at 6%

Rates are current as of today, April 1.
To find a lender doing STRS loans in the Long Beach area, please contact me.

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