Back to Reality--No Using the $8000 Tax Credit for Down Payment

This has already been addressed in many other quarters, but just for the record, I'm including it here: Apparently, the HUD letter ML 09-15 has been rescinded as of last Thursday morning because it violated a federal law effective as of October 1, 2008, and now there's just a big blank space on NAR's site where the announcement used to be. The fact is, FHA loans do not allow for down payments that in themselves are loans, but may allow for gift down payments from certain sources as spelled out in FHA guidelines.

So the $8000 credit-as-down-payment is NOT going forward. And, for the ML 09-15 proposal to occur, there would have to be in place:

--State agencies approved WITH MONEY for the downpayment
A change to the HUD guidelines on the timeframe that is allowable for a loan….currently must be amortized over 10 years with no balloon.
--A change to the IRS guidelines allowing your refund to be assigned to a state or non-profit entity.
Source - Tara Ryan, Primacy Mortgage

In the meantime Buyers, you have until December 1, 2009 to otherwise utilize the $8000 tax credit.

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