$8,000 Tax Credit is Once Again a Help With Costs for 1st Time Buyers

There has been much confusion in the past several weeks about using the credit for a down payment, as HUD announced a tax credit but then rescinded the offer.

Now, the latest information from HUD (May 29th) is now that the $8000 tax credit for FHA borrowers "may not be used to meet the 3.5% minimum downpayment, but may be used as additional downpayment, buying down of interest rate, or other closing costs." The HUD credit may not be used in place of your 3.5% down payment, but you may use it to cover closing costs, or as a loan through specified programs set up by lenders.

This is a great opportunity for first time buyers to buy real estate in the Long Beach area with additional some financial assistance!

Give me a call to learn how to utilize this program to your best advantage!

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