Long Beach, Cerritos, Lakewood Unsold Inventory Index in Steady Decline

The residential inventory in many areas of Long Beach is steadily declining, as of today in Long Beach, there are 831 single family homes and condos listed as "active" in the MLS (down from about 870 just a few weeks ago), with 775 in escrow.
Cerritos has 66 active residential listings, and has 67 in escrow.
Lakewood has 99 active listings, and 148 residential properties in escrow.

The gap of available properties is closing.

The median price statewide has increased for the 5th straight month, as sales in lower priced inventory has dropped, and more sales occurred in the upper ranges.

While the suspense concerning future inventory continues, as the home supply backlog grows, it's important to keep in mind: nobody knows for certain how and when and where the increase in inventory will happen.

Per the California Association of Realtors August report:

"With inventory levels well below the long-run average, a supply shortage at the low to middle-tiers may have constrained sales in lower-priced homes and led to an increase in the median price. The supply of homes is expected to increase later this year as the number of foreclosures continues to rise from last year. However, the government and lenders’ efforts in modifying loans, combined with delays in processing the backlog of delinquencies may ease the number of defaulted loans, thus making a prediction on the number and timing of the flow of distressed properties less certain."

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