Moving Forward or Still Going in Circles?

With more properties now receiving offers within days coming on the market, multiple offers, and selling over list price, at least some smart buyers are beginning to understand a current reality. They are having to compete against investors, or against other buyers who have more cash than they do. The days of casually looking, window shopping and low-ball offers should be left behind as quickly as possible. Thinking that the mountain will come to Mohammed, as wishful thinking takes over pricing reality, should be done with. It is time to stop moving in circles, the one where offers are made, lost in the multiple offer shuffle, then repeated again at the next property where the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

It is time to move forward.

It is time to make the winning bid. To make the winning bid, a realistic property has to be chosen, and that realistic property may be one which doesn't look so attractive initially, but is in the right area, and for which suitable financing is available. Perhaps it will require a higher down payment, or an FHA rehab loan. Otherwise, choosing the price you want in an area you don't really feel certain about, and then expecting the seller to reduce the price to your lowered expectations, is sheer folly. It is time to move forward.

There's been much talk about the REO properties that will hit the market, perhaps before the end of this year. And will they bring a new low in bargain prices? That's the way many buyers continue to act. But there's so far been evidence supporting stabilization in prices, if not a regional increases in price. A 3% increase in the West according to the Clear Capital Home Data Index report discusses how the momentum built in recent months could carry over into REO properties placed on the market in the future as buyers worry they are missing out on the bottom of the market.

The time for the $8000 tax credit is still in effect until December 1, 2009. Whether you're interested in houses, condos or units, please contact me. I can help you move forward.

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