The Return of the 5% and 10% Down Payment on Conventional Loans

This is welcome news for borrowers (up to $417,000) whose only option was FHA if they didn't have 10% or 20% down payment funds. This is also welcome news for sellers of single family homes because buyers whose loan amount is $417,000 or less may now borrow with a 5% down payment. Yes, we know there are cash buyers out there with that amount of money, because the FHA buyers in the Southern California market have regularly been beaten down by the all cash buyers or 50% down buyers. But assuming the borrower is well qualified, pre-approved with a lender with a track record (and I mean fully pre-approved), and motivated, a seller may well want to seriously consider such a committed prospect who as a great desire to purchase his/her first home.

And, also in the good news department, is the return of the 10% down conventional loan for condos. This has been almost impossible to get in recent history from most lenders, and this is good news for sellers also, because it relieves the issue of an FHA borrower whose lender may well have to fully approve the entire association before closing escrow. Not only is this time consuming and requires a lot of work by both the lender and the homeowner association, the HOA may not, in the end, meet FHA standards criteria. In fact, sellers, did you know that if your association has 5% or more owners delinquent 30 days or more in their HOA dues payments, there is a problem with loan qualification.  This is true for both FHA and conventional loans.
But back to the good news. For associations which can overcome any such issues, the 10% down conventional loan opens up the door for many more borrowers and thus a faster sale for the seller.
So if you're thinking of selling, contact me for all your possibilities. Buyers who have been holding off should get rolling while interest rates are still in the 5% area (that's usually included paying one point of the loan amount).

Right now there are 349 single family homes listed in the MLS in Long Beach under $438,000 (for the 5% down buyer). In Lakewood, there are 96 single family homes under $438,000.  No, they don't have ocean views, but find them in east Long Beach, Wrigley, Ridgewood Heights, Alamitos Beach for Long Beach, and Lakewood Park and Lakewood Mutuals for City of Lakewood, plus other areas that might be worth your investigation especially if you are a first time buyer, or looking for a down sized smaller home.
Please find these different areas at http://www.juliahuntsman.com/ by clicking on links from the first page (scroll down first).

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