Seller, Please Take Yourself Out of the Picture

At Awkward Family Photos there's one thing you can see a lot of--the kind of kids pictures and engagement photos you really don't want showing on your walls when your property is on the market. I don't know what the people at the left were thinking of, and the photo at the right was showing off the kids modeling Dad's cabinetry with a much-loved family pet.
I know what you're thinking: That you don't have anything as crazy as these photos on your walls because your photos show much better taste. After all, they were taken by an expensive portrait photographer showing the close family gathered in formal attire in a classic setting as a beautiful holiday memoir--nothing goofy about that. Why wouldn't you want to proudly show off your family for buyers coming through your home?
Well, in a nutshell, photos in your home may represent you and your family members in a very personal way, and buyers read clues about you and possibly make opinions which may not help sell your home. Even if they do identify, or sympathize, with the Star Trek outfits because they have the same picture on their bookcase, is this the focus of their seeing your home? Because personal objects are usually a distraction to the buyer, a detour into personal aspects of the seller's live(s)that is best avoided if you want an offer soon. You want to present your property, not you and your family, to get it sold as quickly as possible for the best price. You are now selling a product, as cold as that may sound, into which the buyers are trying to see their pictures, furniture, etc. So, sellers, so after seeing the photos voluntarily submitted by those who are having a good laugh at themselves, http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ , then go around your home and take yourselves out of it as much as possible, so that someone else can put themselves into it. Oh yes, thanks for California Association of Realtors for leading me to this entertaining site. I might submit a photo or two myself.

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