April 2011 Condo Market in Long Beach

Condo sales April 2011
 There were 93 condos sold last month (April, 2011) in Long Beach, ranging from a high of $700,000 at 1400 Ocean Blvd. to a low of $49,000 at 315 W. 3rd St.  Of those, 27 were all cash transactions--nearly one-third of the total; 44 were financed with conventional lending; 13 through FHA lending.  The downtown area had 13 of the all-cash sales, or almost 50%.

In the Bluff Park area, selling prices ranged from $435,000 to $335,000 for 2-3 bedroom condos, and $234,000 for a one-bedroom. Downtown Long Beach south of 7th St. (excluding Ocean Blvd. properties), the average price was $147,000 for a 2 bedroom under 900 sq. ft., to a maximum of $248,000 for a 2 bedroom unit over 1100 sq. ft.  Condo properties in and around Marina Pacifica and Bay Shore Drive sold at a maximum of $688,000 and a minimum of $300,000.

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