Long Beach Single Family House Sales in April 2011

For the top ten sales areas (by numbers of sales), for both April 2011 and April 2010, does it look like we're having more houses sold? Yes!

April 2011 Long Beach House Sales
Based on a total of 130 listings for April 2011 and about 83 listings for April, 2010, these charts are the picture of activity for these areas.  The most sales in April 2011 (in this chart) took place in the Bixby Knolls/California Heights area at 38 sales closed, at an average selling price of over $449,000. Belmont Heights shows 20 sales at average of $631,000 and 21 sales at a $455,000 average in the Plaza/Ranchos.

April 2010 Long Beach House Sales
This seems to be a downward price shift and an upward shift in sales, from last year's lower number of sales and higher prices.  Last April the emphasis was on Belmont Heights/Alamitos Heights area which had a total of 19 sales at an average of $862,000 selling price, followed by 2 other areas with averages of $546,000 (Lakewood Plaza/Ranchos) and $481,000 (Los Altos areas).

In fact, Altos Research indicates for THIS WEEK, there is a decrease in days on market for all of Long Beach residential properties, currently the average is 150 days, a decrease from prior weeks. (Some properties are getting offers in 7 days after hitting the MLS.)

Will there will be a point where lower price and increasing number of sales signals triggers the opportune time to buy for an even greater number of buyers? If you think this is the critical time for you in one of these areas, or another, call me to find out how I can assist you!

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